The Best Wooden Model Ship Kits for Everyone

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Have you ever seen those wooden ship models and wondered how to get yours?  

Often, these are expensive pieces of art that can get damaged very easy.  

The good news is that you can get one of these great looking vessels in the form of an assembly kit.  

That is, you get the model in parts and you put the whole thing together.  

I know what you are thinking: The glue, epoxy, paint, cement, and other chemicals that can be messy or dangerous.  

The thing is I’ve taken the time to look for models that do not need any of these. Instead, they are easy and fun to assemble.  

These models don’t need any tools to assemble either, only your hands, your clever brain, and time.  

Here is where the fun comes and why everyone loves these great looking wooden ship kits.

Also, no previous experience needed. While there are some models for beginners, everyone can have fun with these models.  

Now that you are willing to explore these model ship kits, you may be wondering: who makes the best wooden model ship kits?

The truth is it really depends on your personal preference, and here I’ve selected some of the most interesting and user-friendly kits in the market.

Let’s dig into the models and see what is best for you.    


Best Wooden Model Ship Kits for Beginners

As a beginner you want something that is easy and encouraging for moving to your next step.  

This is why I like these recommendations.

  • They look great when complete.
  • Are easy to assemble.
  • Won’t break your bank account (this is important).
  • Will give you the right skills to move on to your next project.

3D Wooden Puzzle Yacht Model Building Kit

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Laser Cut Yacht Ship Wood Model 3D

  • ★High Quality 3D wood puzzle speed boat is made from natural wood materials which is eco-friendly and not harmful to human body. With Laser Cutting technology, the wood cutting is precise and smooth on the edge, also make the assembled yacht model fit together more tightly.
  • ★Educational 3D Puzzles ship Toy. This assembled puzzle ship model requires meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. It could enhance your creativity, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. This wood puzzle yacht model is also an amazing educational toy and improves your child’s cognitive skills while enjoying fun at the same time.
  • ★Combination of a puzzle and mosquito craft model wrapped up in a 3-D artwork. Once this 3D wood boat model is completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. It will get lots of attention and looks great on a desk. Other kids, coworkers, friends or family can’t help but play with it.
  • Creative Decoration and Fun. Decorate your room and office.The 3d wood model kits is designed beautifully.The 3d wooden puzzle mosquito craft has unique designs that look attractive. It would bring so much fun to your living room and office, especially for children.Fun wood projects for home, day care centers, preschools, art class, and camps.
  • ★Best Educational DIY Gifts for for kids 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 years old and up.Great choice as Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Thanksgiving Day Gifts, Gifts for Back to School, Valentine’s Day Gifts for lovers, boys, girls, friends, family members.Recommend 4 Year Old and up, small parts not for children under 3.

3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pirate Ship Black

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3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pirate Ship Black Wood

  • Self-challenge: This product is a wooden classic sailing model kit, not a finished product. The kit is designed for low-cost help the players to experience and master the structure and production process of wooden sailing models, It requires buyers to have strong hands-on ability.The pirate ship puzzle wood craft model ship.Pirate toys and pirate puzzle.
  • Unique design: Size 130x350x480mm Sailing Boat Come with 129 components, small and exquisite, is a collection that can not be missed by boat model lovers.The precise cutting process to make the shape lifelike, and the edge was polished so that won’t hurt your finger.
  • High Quality: In order to fit the small and exquisite design of the ship model itself, our sailboats use high-quality thin wood boards. Compared with the low-cost thick planks, the thin wood with high quality can highlight the nobleness of the ship model.
  • Enjoy interesting DIY: Model pirate ship kit. Wooden pirate ship kit,assembly line Not need any glue or tools, Every model have a installation guide instruction, The Illustrations of background information included,you can follow with the serial number to assemble it, not difficult but challenging.
  • Please Note: For 6 Years old and up.pirate crafts,pirate gifts for kids,At best 12 and up.If Children under 6 years old are required to use under adult supervision. puzzles for adults. for boys 6-12.Any question will be answered within 24 hours.Best gift for kids 8-12 boys,gift for 6-12 boys.The instructions need initial pieces with adults.models for adults to build,pirate crafts,


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids
  • 3 in 1 package


  • Instructions could improve

This another beautiful model with more details that add to a realistic look.

In this case, this 3D wooden puzzle is a pirate ship.  

You’ll get to see the whole ship once you assemble 129 pieces together.  

All these pieces are high quality wood and won’t hurt your fingers.  

Again, this won’t hurt your wallet as these models are very affordable.  

When finished, this sailing boat is 480mm long, so you’ll need a bit of space to display it.   This model kit is very eye catching. It comes with black sails which give it a more realistic look.  

Some pieces have a black side, and that is what makes this model so great looking.  

You can see right there the deep impact that a bit of color makes to a wooden model kit like this.  

This is a piece of art that you can paint in full (if you want) to make it look even nicer.  

Wooden Models Ship Kits for Adults

These models are great looking and I would say the best of the whole selection.  

In most cases, these are 3D puzzles that will give you hours of fun and hone your patience.   The finished product is fantastic and looks amazing.  

I’m glad to say these don’t need any tools or glue for assembly.  

As for the prices, these models won’t break your bank account either and you’ll have a fine piece in your living room.  

These models have great quality and you should not have any problem with them.  

They are popular in amazon and people have great comments about them.  

Some pro tips I want to give you are these:

  1. You should punch all the interlocking holes before starting to assemble anything.
  2. Do not pop out all the pieces at once. Instead, use only the ones you need for each step. This will help you identify better each piece.
  3. Do not force any interlocking pieces. Fittings should be smooth.
  4. Prepare yourself (and family) to spend 4 to 6 hours assembling the whole ship. Be patient and you’ll end up with a great piece.

Tugboat Ugears 3D Mechanical Wooden Model

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Tugboat Ugears 3D Mechanical Wooden Model

  • FUNCTIONAL MECHANISM: The idea behind the tugboat was to create a functional mechanism, but with a certain spice that would make it both down-to-earth and interesting. And of course – it was supposed to be a type of marine transport
  • DETAILED BODY: We like to think that many of you enjoy watching the working of the gears as much as we do, this is why the detailed body of the Tugboat is designed to expose the beautiful mechanism in motion. This way you will be able to fully appreciate the main technical features we implemented in this model
  • MOTOR: The Tugboat is driven by a rubber-band motor powered by the tension of the rubber connected with a bearing. The reduction gear transfers energy to the drive wheel and further to the asymmetrical wheel pair. The pendulum slows and evens the motion of the tugboat
  • WHEELS: The asymmetry of the wheel pair grants the model its unique way of moving, imitating a boat rocking on the waves, while the working pendulum creates a specific noise similar to one produced by the real-life diesel motor many boats are equipped with
  • LEVERS: The winding key on the drive wheel is blocked by a ratchet gear. There are two control levers, one of which stops the mechanism and the other launches it – stop and start lever correspondingly. Use two ropes with hooks to hook up and transport small freight – wheeled models or a paper boat. Your Tugboat will run from 1.5 to 3 meters depending on the type of surface


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required
  • Mechanical model with real movement


This is the Tugboat mechanical wooden model by Ugears.  

It is a DIY model that needs no tooling nor glue or other chemicals to look awesome.  

All its pieces are laser cut and that is why Ugears is a top notch brand.  

Something that makes this model far more interesting than others are its mechanics.   Unlike other models, this boat comes powered by a rubber-band motor.  

The tension of the rubber band will make the Tugboat run from 1.5 to 3 meters depending on the type of surface.  

The mechanism is very interesting and it is part of what you assembly for the whole model.

Like I said before, this model requires no batteries, tools, glue, or paint to operate. Only your hands and your brain to assemble the whole thing.  

This model comes with a pendulum and ropes that add to the experience when you finish the model.  

While the price is a bit higher than the previous models, this won’t break your bank account either.  

You can go the extra mile with this model and add some paint to it.  

If you want a pro tip, don’t paint the whole ship, as this could mess with the functioning of the motor.  

Instead, paint only a few pieces to add color here and there. This will make your model look stylish and will keep it functional.  

This is definitely a must have for every modeller aficionado.  

Mechanical Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat

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UGears Models 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Mechanical Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat

  • ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY TRIMARAN MERIHOBUS MODEL KIT: This premium wooden puzzle is designed to show off a lot of details such as winches, rigging, and hulls, which makes her a very realistic miniature copy of real-life prototypes. The kit has everything you might need for assembly (including winches, rigging, and hulls) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into a functional working classic multihull sailboat.
  • ✔️CREATIVE 3D MAINSAIL WOODEN PUZZLE: The mainsail and fore staysail on the mast can be set or taken in, just like on real trimarans. The mainsail of the Trimaran Merihobus is set on the mast groove with the main top halliard. The staysail “rolls up” on a stay. At the front under the bowsprit, you will find the staysail winch drum. Sail booms are operated by a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom.
  • ✔️AUTOMATIC-TENSIONING MECHANISM: The hydrofins on the side of the pontoons make the model stable and steady while creating a visual effect of the elevation of the model. The model comes with several templates for a flag of a ship. Create your own design and using the winch, hoist the ensign up the mast. The anchor cable winch based inside the Trimarans body has an automatic-tensioning mechanism that picks up an anchor.
  • ✔️STIMULATE PLAYERS’ SPATIAL IMAGINATION: Three-dimensional simulation wooden puzzles are more challenging, which can greatly stimulate players’ spatial imagination, improve their graphic recognition ability, and improve their observation ability and hand-eye coordination ability. Meanwhile, there is a higher requirement for players’ endurance and concentration.
  • ✔️PUZZLE TOY GIFTS FOR ADULTS & TEENS: The body of the sailboat is made in the “skeleton” style to ensure good visibility of the mechanism and the design of the sailboat, including such details as bulkheads, frames, and beams. The side pontoons are attached to the main body with a load frame. It can not only greatly stimulate kids’ spatial imagination, improve their graphic recognition ability but also give children a sense of accomplishment.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required
  • Mechanical model with real movement


  • Rigging is hard to accomplish
  • May need sand paper to fit pieces

Here is another fantastic wooden kit model by Ugears.  

It is also a 3D puzzle and it its pieces are of the highest quality wood. No sharp edges or faces that could hurt your hands.  

This ship looks like something that would surf the sky or the outer space. It is beautiful.   The Trimaran Mary Hobus comes with lots of details to show off.  

This sailboat includes details like bulkheads, frames and beams.  

The main sail is removable, as it can roll up. This adds realism and makes the model look different. You can customise the design for the flag of the ship.  

If you take a close look at the photos, you can see a rudder at the back end of the ship. The ropes connected to the master wheel on the stern, steer this rudder through the pontoons.  

There are too many great details in this ship model to describe with words, and that is why you should give it a try.  

This model is pretty well balanced, and it is thanks to the hydro fins on the side of the pontoons. These connect with the main body with a load frame.  

You won’t need any glue, tools or epoxy to assemble the full model. This is a task of patience and skills. Simple and plain.  

This model is a must have for anybody looking to have a great time building a high quality model.  

RMS Titanic Ship Model Kit

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CubicFun 3D Puzzle for Adults LED Titanic Ship

  • Lighting RMS Titanic Sail at Night: Recreating majestic cruise at night with a scale of 1:305. Keep the menory floating forever. Lighting effect with 85 LED bulbs located under deck. 2AA batteries needed(not included).
  • 3D Foam Puzzles Assembly Experience without Glue: All pieces fit together precisely. Easy to assemble, no glue or tools needed. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment once completed.
  • Fathers Day Gift & Cool Desk Decor: Realistic 3d puzzle ship is the excellent gift for any occasion. Enjoy assembly fun with friends and family. Cool decoration for home & office to light up your room and surprise everybody. Box size: 17.6 x 12.1 x 2.4 inches.
  • Bigger Size with Detailed Design: 34.6 x 11.6 x 3.8 inches. This watercraft model kit comes with pre-cut foam boards, instruction and led accessories. About 4+ hours to assemble. Be patient. 14+ years old is recommended.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: Our customer support team is standing by to offer you a pleasure shopping experience from CubicFun.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required
  • Ship comes with LEDs


This is an all time favorite and one of the most famous ships in the world, if not the most famous one.  

Everyone knows and/or recognizes this emblematic ship once they see it.  

The story of the RMS Titanic can bee seen in the movie of the same name. While the love story depicted there is not true, people love everything about this ship.  

This is why this 3D puzzle is a must have. Especially since this model comes with LED lights, which makes it look great at night.  

Starting with the pieces of this fantastic model, everything is superb quality. Cubic Fun takes pride in building fantastic models. Need to disclaim this is not a wooden kit, but an EPS foam one.  

You’ll spend about 5 hours assembling its 266 pieces. The manufacturer recommends this model for ages 14 and up. You want to be careful when manipulating this model, as everything impacts the end result.  

This is why it is best to assemble this with the help of an adult.  

You’ll get a model that is 305 times smaller than the original ship. I like to think about that and do the math to imagine the proportions of the real ship.  

The size of this model is 34.6 in large x 3.77 in wide x 11.57 in tall. So do the math there and multiply each dimension by 305 and you’ll get a glimpse of how this ship looked in real life.  

Unlike the original, this model should not go to the water, not even in your bathroom. This is a decorative piece and won’t float. Besides, you’ll ruin the material.  

You’ll fall in love with the details everything has. The whole ship is to admire and contemplate for long time. As for the night view, 85 LED lights make it shine like a star. You’ll love the color of the LED lights.  

You need no tools nor glue to assemble this ship. Everything fits and snaps nice.  

You’ll need about 4 hours of patience to work on this and complete it. So be patient and get ready for having a great time building this fantastic model.    

Large Black Queen Anne’s Revenge with LED Lights

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Queen Anne’s Revenge Sailboat

  • Enjoy The Adventurous Spirit: Hoist The Jolly Roger and Set Sail. Adventure on the high seas awaits with this LED 3D pirate ship model inspired by the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the historic vessel that carried the notorious pirate Blackbeard on his conquests across vast seas.
  • 2021 Upgrade Master Series Puzzles: New technology upgrade of CubicFun Pirate Ship, the openable hull access to detailed interior. 1:95 scale simulation Queen Anne’s Revenge added 32 plastic deck guns will enhance the assembly experience.
  • Craft and LEDs Upgrade: The simulated texture of the deck makes the visual experience more realistic. The 17 Large Warm Lights Beads will brighten your puzzle kits every night. It makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean at night.
  • 8H+ Assembly Experience: Pirate Ship included 293 pcs made of EPS foam board that you just need to assemble it step by step with the detailed 3D illustrated instructions. The material is flexible and solid to drift on the Sea through the storm. Build Model Size: 25.2 x 10.2 x 26.8 inches. 14+ years old recommended.
  • Symbolic Centerpiece for Home and Office: The fascinating history of the Queen Anne’s Revenge with this fabulous pirate ship model. Place one upon your office desk, or in any room of the house will add the thrill of the high seas excitement to your life.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: Our customer support team is standing by to offer you a pleasure shopping experience from CubicFun.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required
  • Ship comes with LEDs


  • Bunch of small pieces that could get lost

Here is another fantastic CubicFun 3D Puzzle that will look amazing when complete.  

We are talking about the Queen Anne’s Revenge Blackbeard’s ship.  

This is a 340 pieces model kit that anyone in the family can assemble and have fun doing it. Although the manufacturer recommends this more for adults.  

This is a black ship that will do a good job in any Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I love all the details it comes with and how everything of it adds to that creepy, rusty, vintage and unique look it has.  

When complete, this ship invites you to enjoy the adventure of sailing the seas.  

This model comes with LED lights to make it shine at night. The lights add more to the effect of an old ship, as you can imagine how this vessel would look at night, surfing the sea.  

An important note here is that this is not a wooden model, instead, the pieces are EPS foam made. This allows the manufacturer add more detail to it and at the same time makes the model more durable.  

While the foam is more resistant to water than actual wood, I still would not recommend to put this on the water. The paint could get damaged and the purpose of the model thwarted.

I don’t have to say this model would be the centerpiece of your desk at the office or your living room at home.  

You may spend 6+ hours assembling this model, and once it is complete, the model will be 26.6 in large, 10 in wide, and 25.2 in tall.  

No tools nor glue will play a role in the assembly process. All you need is your brain, time, and the willingness to put the model together.  

You’ll have a great time assembling this model and admiring its beauty when complete.  

Mississippi Steamboat

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Mississippi Steamboat

  • CubicFun will take you to build a Mississippi steamship that belongs to you. Enjoy your happy finger trip!
  • This 3D ship model kits restored the famous vessel just as dramatic as real thing, which has ‘double deck cruise’ with naturally colored, ‘rotating ship shaft at the stern’. These will remind you of the good times on the Mississippi River.
  • It has 142 pcs inside the box, WITHOUT any glue or tools,but the pieces will be fit well. Following up the detailed instruction, and taking more careful and patience, just after about 4-6 hours, you will do a great work.
  • Gift Choice: CubicFun 3D puzzle is full of fun, challenging. It perfect as a gift for your family member, friends or every person you like.
  • CubicFun is an awesome 3D puzzle on the market, and offer quality warranty and refund policy.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required


  • Bunch of small pieces that could get lost
  • It won’t hurt to have a flat screwdriver just in case

Another great looking and fantastic 3D vessel to assemble and have time with the family. This is the Mississippi Steamboat by CubicFun.  

This ship is an all-time classic. All the details of it remind you of the original steamboat.  

This is a 142 pieces puzzle, and it is 100 times smaller than the original ship. When assembled, the model will be 9.45 inches tall by 3.94 inches wide by 18.11 inches long. So you can multiply that by 100 and that will give you an idea of how this steamboat looked in the real life.  

All the details of this ship adds to the realism, and one of the details that I love is the rotating shaft at the stern. Inside the boat you’ll be able to see stairs, doors, windows, and much more that adds to the experience.  

This can be a solo project, but it is far more fun to do this with the family. Once you start assembling, you’ll spend 4 – 6 hours before completing the model.  

As all the other models from CubicFun, this one needs no glue or tools to assemble. It is you and the model until finished. This as well makes it safe for kids to take part in the journey.  

Something I liked about this model is that people seem to love it. If you surf through the comments in amazon, you can see how much love this model gets. This is because it is a fantastic piece for everyone.  

You will love putting together this model.

Wooden Models Ship Kits for Kids

Do you have kids at home and want/need to keep them busy?  

No problem!  

These kits are perfect for the task.  

These are a bit advanced as well, but super easy to assembly. Your kids will have a great time doing it.  

Besides, this will bring the peace and calm you need at home to focus on what you are doing.  

And if you get tired, you can join to the team and have fun too. Trust me, this is a great stress-relief hobby.

HMS Victory Vessel Ship Sailboat Model Kit

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Editor’s Rating

CubicFun 3D Puzzles Large HMS Victory Vessel Ship

  • Built-up Model Size: 22.4″ L x 8.3″ W x 18.1″ H / 57 x 21 x 46 cm.
  • Illustrations of background information included
  • Made of Paper and EPS Foam Board, No tools needed.
  • Medium to high complexity, detailed design of assembly processes.
  • Display as an art/decoration/collection. Gift for children/friends. Family Puzzle. Discover history of ancient vessel.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required


  • Some pieces may not do a perfect fit

Here is another great model from CubicFun for you to consider. We are talking about the HSM Victory Vessel Ship Sailboat.  

This sailboat is famous for its role at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21 of 1805.  

After service, this ship has been the flagship of the First Sea Lord since 2012.  

As o 2020, this is the world’s oldest naval ship still in commission with 242 years of service.

As you can see, building and having a model of this ship is not a small thing.  

I love these models because they look great when finished, but also, the history behind them is pure gold.  

This HSM Victory model will be 18.2 inches long, by 8.2 inches wide, by 22.4 inches tall.   The model is 150 times smaller than the original vessel, but you’ll find lots of detail inside this model.  

The flags, the sails, the colors, and the detailed paintings make this model a must-have.  

Don’t worry about needing tools or glue, as this model needs nothing of that. All the pieces snap and fit nice and clean.  

You’ll need 4 – 6 hours to assemble this kit, but the time will be worth it when complete.  

USS Constitution Vessel Ship Model

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CubicFun 3D Puzzles USS Constitution Vessel Ship

  • Built-up Model Size: 19.9″ L x 7.2″ W x 15″ H / 50.5 x 18.4 x 38 cm
  • Illustrations of background information included
  • Made of Paper and EPS Foam Board, No tools needed
  • Medium to high complexity, detailed design of assembly processes
  • Display as an art/decoration/collection. Gift for children/friends. Family Puzzle. Discover history of ancient vessel


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required


  • Rigging may be challenging

Another all time classic is the USS Constitution Vessel. This ship started service in 1797 in Boston, Massachusetts.  

This is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States navy and was in active service until 1855.  

Today it serves as an educational ship for promoting the role of the Navy in war and peace.

60 officers and sailors take part in ceremonies, events, and educational programs.  

They keep it open to visitors year round and provide free tours.  

Learning about the history of this ship makes anyone want to have their own model to brag about.  

Here is where this model by CubicFun makes the difference.  

The model is 188 times smaller than the original frigate. When complete, it is 19.88 inches long, by 7.24 inches wide, by 14.96 inches tall.  

Going into the details, this model kit has lots of them. The sails, the colors, and the way paint gives life to everything makes this model look great.  

It will take you 4 – 6 hours to complete and when finished it will look amazing at you office or in the living room.  

This is a great project to have fun with and spend time with the family.  

Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle Japanese Diplomatic Ship

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Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle Ship Model

  • A perfect gift for a kid/teen/adult with imagination and can be gentle with their toys.
  • The wooden ship model kit consists of 91 wooden pieces and it takes 3 hours to put it together.
  • Fun Puzzle Project:There is no need of glue or tools when assembly.Just follow the instructions carefully and you will be rewarded with a little piece of art
  • This craft kits is a fun project,kids over 8 years old can finish this on their own.
  • If you contact us around 5pm,you will get a response within 5 minutes.Want a replacement for broken parts or have any question,feel free to contact us


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required


Here is another ship wooden model kit that will give you hours of fun. Perfect for decorating any room of your house.  

This is a Japanese diplomatic ship model. It is completely made from wood, and it is perfect for kids and adults.  

You’ll love all the details when you see it, and you’ll notice right away the Japanese style of all its decorative.  

The full model has 91 high quality wooden pieces. It will take you anything from 3 to 6 hours to complete.  

As with the other models, this one needs no glue nor tools for assembly.  

Plus, this model comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee that is hard to beat.  

The full model is 7.5 inches long, by 2 inches wide, by 6.6 inches tall. Its size definitely works for displaying it in your living room or your office desk.  

Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle Cruise Ship Model

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Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle Ship Model

  • 【Cruise Ship Features】It features four big funnels with boiler steam expelled from them. It has modern chambers of four-floor structure and tall masts on its desk. Vivid waves is rolling beneath the ship.
  • 【Classic Look & Feel】Vintage ship model wooden kit you can build by yourself. Exquisite handcraft work for any boat collection lover. It will remind you of the exciting experience of sailing and adventure.
  • 【Relaxing Hobby】It’s a rewarding hands-on activity to build such an artistic ship model. Take your time. The exquisite outlook will definitely wow people around you. Creative craft kit suitable for both teens and adults.
  • 【Best Gift Idea】Ideal gift for friends, family or party guests, banquets receptions meetings. And perfect for any occasion like birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or for family time.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】It uses precise laser cutting and easy to pop out the parts. Parts fit well together with no glue required. No toxic chemicals and 100% eco-friendly.


  • Easy and Fun to assemble
  • Great for Kids and adults
  • No tools or glue required


Here we have another wooden kit model of a cruise ship that looks a lot like the Titanic.  

In this case we are talking about a 3D puzzle with 145 wooden pieces. Everything super high quality and safe for use with your fingers.  

This model takes anything from 3 to 6 hours to complete, and assembling it is a blast of fun.  

There is no need of glue or tools to complete this model. It is only you and the model to build each other. You’ll build the model and the model will build your patience and relief your stress.  

Like the other models, you’ll love the details of everything of it. The ship goes mounted on a set of waves that add to the realistic look of the model.  

Definitely a must have for any lego lover.

Advanced Wooden Models Ship Kits

I know I said you would not need any glue or painting to assemble these kits. So far I have kept my promise intact.  


There is always someone who is ready for the next big step, even if this means getting hands dirty.  

If this is you, I’m including some models here that will need a bit more than clicks and patience. These will test your skills as a hand crafter, and you are going to enjoy it.  

Painting, glueing, letting dry, taking care of details are some of the things you’ll be up to with these models.  

I’m sure you’re getting excited right now with this glimpse that I’ve given you, so let’s go right into it.  

Artesania Latina 1/75 Bluenose II

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  • Amazing project when finished
  • Great for skilled and experienced modelers
  • All the detail from the original ship is there
  • Fine materials


  • Advanced and challenging model kit
  • Not for kids or beginners
  • Requires paint, glue and tools that are not included

This is the Bluenose II from Artesania Latina. It is a very realistic kit that can take you months to complete.  

Like I said before, this is an advanced model that comes with high quality wooden pieces. It will need paint, tools, and glue to come to life. These are not included.  

When complete, the model should go to your shelf of exclusiveness to avoid damages.   Everywhere you look, this model speaks life and looks identical to the Canadian ship.  

I would say it is amazing to have a model of a boat which main purpose was to promote beer. What a great and fun fact of life.  

Like I said before, many months of work are ahead if you plan to get this model and work it until the end.  

A word of caution here is that these models need you to be a skilled builder. There is not much room in case you make a mistake.  

While this could be a downside, this is another reason to put these models in the advanced model section. I’m not kidding about it!  

Other than that, this is definitely a must have. I love this model and it will look great wherever you put it.  

Other advanced models for you to consider  

Here are more wooden kit models from Artesania Latina, a brand with great reviews.  

I wanted to include these for your reference in case you wanted to check them out.  

These as well can take months to complete and will need true skills for assembly.  

The wood is very high quality and you should get everything to make it work. But, the end product will look as advertised after you do some extra work with it.  

Remember the tools, paint, and glue are not included inside the box, so you’ll have to figure those on your own.  

Have fun with these models and enjoy your time building them.  

How do you build a model ship kit?

There is something about building model kits that words can’t describe.  

This is an activity that people enjoy because it requires putting time, care, and skills to the test.  

Even if you don’t use any glue or painting, you’re still after a good looking shape. In the end, you want to show up your finished product.  

If you are the type of person who enjoys building these models, you know that ship will say something about you.  

The truth is there is not a recipe for building these kits. But you’ll have to put your being into it, and in the end it will come well.  

It doesn’t matter if it is a simple piece or a complex one, if you dedicate to it the result will come by itself.  

I have to say these models are not water resistant, so you should restrain from putting them over the water.  

Instead, the purpose of these models is to attract attention and spark conversations.  


If I must offer a piece of advice about how to assemble these models, here are some useful words:

  1. First of all have fun doing it. Enjoy the ride and let it take you through the seas of enjoyment.
  2. Pieces may be fragile, so be gentle. Don’t force anything. Everything should snap and fit nice.
  3. If you are using paint, you may want to paint pieces before assembly. Take a look at your model and check if this makes sense.
  4. If this is your first time using glue, do some testing on other pieces of wood so you learn how to apply it. Pay special attention to not overuse glue since this may ruin the final look of your ship.
  5. No matter what happens, remember to have fun and enjoy the process. You’ll get better with time and practice.

What makes a good model ship kit?

It ain’t hard to tell if a model is good or great, if it’s bad or if it sucks.   The makers of these models must love their craft as much as the modeller. They should be able to see the end result and be proud of it.   If this happens, you may see some signs of it:

  • The finishing of the wood must be soft. No sharp faces that can hurt your fingers.
  • Pieces must be easy to identify and the owner’s manual must explain in full detail how to assemble the ship.
  • When the crafters take pride on their creation, they can offer guarantees, so check this as well.
  • On a last note, check for social proof. Social media, comments, reviews, anything form other happy customers. This will help a lot.

Closing thoughts

All I can say at this point is that I hope you enjoyed this ride.

I did.  

If you had any desire to find out more about these models, I hope this post helped you answer a few questions.  

Should you have any comment, please let me know in the section below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.  

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Until the next one!