Subscription Boxes

If you’ve been looking for something to have your kid entertained and educated, then you’ll be glad to know subscription boxes are something that most parents recommend. Stay on this page and you’ll learn about these. 

subscription box about animals

What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is the answer.

This is how you can get your kid entertained and educated all year. Subscription boxes are the perfect option to get a gift for your kid every month.

The caveat here is there are subscription boxes that may not be educational. So look for the educational subscription boxes for your kid.

The way these work is you pay a fee every month and you get a box full of assets at your door, every month.

If you choose wisely, these assets are books, kits, sets, and all sorts of learning tools your kid can use to enhance his or her education.

This is what a subscription box is in a nutshell, and believe me, there are plenty of options.

What are the best subscription boxes for kids?

Are these safe for kids?

Subscription box set

This is why I think you want to be mindful about the subscription box you choose. Like I said, there are a lot of types of these, so you want to be careful when choosing.

Just like with educational toys, subscription boxes also have an age range and all sorts of precautions about the items they contain.

For the most part, yes, they are safe, but like I’ve said other times; even a fork can be dangerous if misused.

Be sure to check all recommendations from the manufacturer and use your common sense when choosing these.

Anything that has small parts is not for small kids. Also, if it has substances that can be swallowed, you want to keep these away from little children.

On the other hand, if your kid is 7 or 8 years old, you don’t want to give him or her something that is too simple.

While this may not be dangerous, it is a waste of time, money and energy.

What types of subscription boxes are there?

Like I already said, you can find subscription boxes for a lot of things.

Only Amazon currently has subscription boxes for beauty, food & drink, lifestyle, pets, toys & kids, and T-shirt clubs. I’m sure they’ll add more categories in the future.

Like I said, you pay a fee every month and you get a box with lots of items. These could be beauty related or for your pets.

What makes subscription boxes special, is they tend to have a sort of sequence. You can think of these even as collectibles. And that is the main difference between buying the items separately and getting them with a subscription box.

Since this is the Toys & Physics website, we’ll focus on the toys and kids category, but can explore the other options as well and see if you find something interesting there.

Subscription boxes for toys and kids subcategories 


These are not very educational, but you can find very interesting items in this category. Things such as classic toys, funko dolls, and other superhero items are in this category.

I think this category is even more for adults than kids, but if you can use this category as a reward to your kid for being such a good student.

Games & Puzzles

I love this one. These games and puzzles are not only educational but also very cheap. You can find some of these boxes for less than $10 USD a month. And the games and puzzles available are very fun and interesting to play with.

Your kids will have a blast of fun and educational entertainment. 

There are some scientific subscription boxes here that your kid will certainly enjoy. The experiments and fun facts these boxes include are perfect for sparking your children’s curiosity.

At the same time, the fact that this comes inside a box, eases you and your kid all the work, since everything needed to use the box comes inside.

Unless we are talking about a kit that requires monthly deliveries to complete the whole puzzle or set.

STEM & Educational

I think I already said subscription boxes are super cheap, and they come with everything you need to have fun and learn at the same time with your kids.

The STEM & educational subscription boxes are fantastic, since not only they are affordable, but they contain cool gadgets such as robots and other scientific tools and experiments that come inside these boxes.

From all the categories available, these are the ones that I like the most.

You can also find coding experiments to help your toddler learn coding and how easy it is to build interesting and educational apps.

Again, all of this at very affordable prices. 

Think about it, for less than 50 USD a month, you can trigger a lucrative and fulfilling career for your kid. I think the reward is worth the effort.


This is a generic toys category where you’ll find educational and non-educational sets.

I won’t invest a lot of time in this category since it is very broad.  

Children’s books

Call me nostalgic and even antiquated, but I love books. The educational tool by excellence is a tool.

Nothing is more iconic and educational than books.

The reason books are so effective and valued, is because they represent a challenge themselves.

Not only is it about grabbing the book and learning its content, but also, with every book you grab, your reading and comprehension skills improve and the challenge of finishing all the content also adds to the experience.

These days, not a lot of people use books to read. Instead, they use screens. These are a bit friendlier and offer other types of content if you want to change topics.

Yet I believe books hide more value than what is seen at first sight.  

Also, I think the way to ensure kids love books, or at least don’t feel intimidated by them is to use the right books with them.

These books for kids boxes are perfect to ensure your children will have a healthy relationship with books.

Craft & Cooking

This is another category that will teach your kids something. This may not be science related and for that reason I won’t spend much time with these.

All I can say is these are good for helping your kid develop patience and motor skills.

How to find the best subscription box?

Subscription box experiments

The most important thing to understand about these boxes is they are different every month. Which means this is not like buying a one time product every time.

I tend to look for the comments and reviews and learn as much as possible from there.

A lot of people unsubscribe from these boxes because the products are good at the beginning but as the months go by, they are not that high quality.

All of this is expressed by current owners in the comments they post, so I would say the most important factor to consider are the comments and reviews from current owners.

Amazon is not the only place to find these subscription boxes, so feel free to explore the internet to have more options.

Also, look at the price. In most cases, the first box is cheaper than the following ones, so make sure you are OK with the monthly fee so you don’t get surprises in the future.

Last but not least, make sure you and your kid enjoy the type of subscription box you plan to get. Remember this is a long term commitment, so take the time to understand what type of products you’ll get month after month during the year.

Last comments on subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are fantastic and they are pretty convenient to have something new for your children every month.

I think parents want to give as much as possible to their kids, and subscription boxes are good for this. Also, you get to control the type of gifts your kid gets by choosing the type of subscription box.

So I see a bunch of benefits in subscription boxes.  

The only caveat I’d mention, is that you want to handle these with full responsibility. 

The fact your kid receives a gift every month could spoil his or her education. You want to regulate these as well, even if they are educational gifts.

Your kid must learn to earn these with his or her actions. Consequences as well are healthy teachers, and remember this: nobody will teach so lovingly about consequences to your kid than you.

If you don’t take this responsibility, I guarantee that life will take it, and your kid will learn about consequences in a harder way. Life will do this anyways.

So take these subscription boxes and all its advantages with full knowledge of what they are. Be mindful about them and show your kid your love by teaching with engaging and fun tools like subscription boxes.