The Ravensburger Puzzles and Games

Why choosing Ravensburger?

Ravensburger is a German company that started in 1883 in Ravensburg, Germany. They are best known for the high quality of their puzzles and their distinctive soft-click sound when you assemble the puzzle pieces together.


Their specialized manufacturing process for laminating images onto the Ravensburger-exclusive cardboard, along with their watchmaker precision cut process makes their puzzles unique all over the globe.

The same is true about the games they produce, which are manufactured using high quality standards to release fun, entertaining and educative products to the world.

Ravensburger is with no doubt one of the brands you want to know about when talking about educative games and entertaining puzzles. They are behind many popular products like the Gravitrax marble run or the ThinkFun Circuit Maze.

Their products, compared with other in similar categories may seem a bit overpriced, but the experience you get when playing with these justifies their price.

The Best Ravensburger Puzzles

If you are looking for a high quality puzzle to spend some quality time with your family, then here you have a few recommendations of the best Ravensburger puzzles you can get to do this.

You can find these in the range of 500 – 2000 pieces, depending on the type of challenge you are looking to put in front of your family.

Puzzles are great to develop patience, strategic thinking, and teamwork, and while you can achieve this with any puzzle brand out there, Ravensburger leads the way in terms of quality and durability.

The layers of your puzzle pieces won’t start to peel off like most cheap puzzles do because Ravensburger uses specialized processes and high quality materials to manufacture these.

And still, these puzzles are not expensive at all.

The Best Ravensburger Games

In terms of board games, Ravensburger is behind some of the most successful and entertaining products as well.

The Villainous, Minecraft and Labyrinth board games are huge sellers around the world because their are made with high quality.

Another great example of this is the Gravitrax, which is a marble run that can grow to any extent and create gigantic tracks.

The pieces used to create with Gravitrax are free of flash or any other manufacturing defects. The precision in making these pieces is very important they have to fit with other pieces to build race tracks that are thrilling and entertaining.

Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run & STEAM Accredited Toy For Kids Age 8 & Up - Endless Indoor Activity for Families
  • [GRAVITRAX - STARTER SET] Build action-packed track systems for hours of fascinating fun with the versatile “GraviTrax Starter-Set”! This set includes 122 pieces to help build your Marble run.
  • [INNOVATIVE] The GraviTrax interactive track system allows you to design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism, kinetics

The Gravitrax touches on many STEM concepts and kids learn about engineering, science (especially physics), and math without noticing it.

Motion along a straight line is a Physics topic the Gravitrax is often used to explain. The equations and reasoning behind this could be intimidating, yet the Gravitrax removes the challenging part of it and invites students to approach this topic in a much friendlier way.

Advantages of Ravensburger products

High Quality Manufacturing Process: The Ravensburger products are manufactured using strict and high quality standards to release reliable and truly entertaining items to the public. This is why people automatically connect Ravensburger products to quality and good investments.

Popular and proven items: Only at Amazon, these products have tens of thousands of positive comments and reviews from happy customers, yet you can find more of these testimonials in videos online and other websites.

Durable and resistant materials: Whether you have a puzzle, a board game or the Gravitrax, you can confirm the materials used to build these are resistant and durable. This is because Ravensburger invests heavily in developing these materials to later use them in their products. This set Ravensburger apart from its competitors.

Check Ravensburger games and puzzles deals

Ravensburger is a worldwide recognized brand and they constantly come out with new releases that are both for young and adults.

If puzzles quality and durability are priorities for you then you should definitely follow them and consider getting your next puzzle from them.

The same can be said from the other board games they manufacture.

Remember that compared to others, their products could be a bit pricier, but the quality and durability you are paying for has no parallel in the world