Ravensburger 3D Solar System Puzzle teaches your kid the planets

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Very few things combine the experience of learning with the joy of accomplishing something like the Ravensburger 3D solar system puzzle does.

This is exactly what you see, 8 spheric puzzles that represent our solar system, backed with the amazing warranty of quality and excellence that Ravensburger puts on everything they sell.

Ravensburger Solar System 540 Piece - 9 Planet 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Set for Kids and Adults - 11668 - Easy Click Technology Means Pieces Fit Together Perfectly
  • [About This 3D Puzzle] Create a colorful out-of-this-world display or hanging mobile with our stellar “Solar System” 3D puzzle set!
  • [Premium Puzzling Experience] Enjoy relaxing "me" time or puzzling with others. Display and admire your creation, or disassemble and build again!


Here the technical specifications of this educative Ravensburger Solar System puzzle 

Number of pieces522
Age Range7+ years
ThemeSolar System and outer space
MaterialPlastic and cardboard

High quality puzzle pieces made of sturdy and solid plastic and cardboard material

Does the click sound of a puzzle piece fitting perfectly sound familiar? If not, then you’ve never assembled a Ravensburger puzzle before.

The material used to manufacture this Ravensburger Solar System puzzle pieces is plastic. The rings of the planets are made of high quality cardboard, and are cut using the highest standards.

The material is treated to achieve the highest quality puzzle piece possible. And this quality standard is found in every single puzzle piece produced by Ravensburger.

If you imagined that a spherical puzzle is hard to manufacture, it is. But thanks to the detail-oriented process of each piece, the spherical form is achieved in a fantastic way. 

These models don’t require glue to fit and snap. Like I said, it is all thanks to the high quality materials used to create each piece.

8 different 3D planet puzzles to create the Solar System in miniature 

The 522 pieces inside the box of this puzzle, give birth to 8 different spherical puzzles to represent the Solar System in miniature.

Each puzzle is backed with the high quality cardboard and plastic combination I already described, and the image printed on each piece really gives the final touch to see a planet come to life when you finish each model.

You’ll be able to put this magnificent piece to decorate any room of your house. You can also hang these planets puzzle in your room to make the illusion even better.

Also, the sensation of holding these 3D puzzles on your hand is just amazing. 

This planets puzzle comes with a poster to improve the end result

And speaking about the learning experience that kids get of building these puzzles. The 3D Solar System comes with a poster that will complete the full scene. It also is filled with fun facts about the planets that young ones will enjoy.

This is a two page poster that also serves as a mat for displaying the 8 puzzles when they are fully assembled, so they look just great on it.

How do you assemble a spheric 3D puzzle?

I had the same question.

The truth is different brands have different ways of doing this, but in the case of this 3D Solar System model by Ravensburger, the pieces slot together thanks to the sturdy materials used to build each piece.

With strong pieces, you have strong planet models built. 


Each puzzle has curved pieces with numbers on the inside for easy assembly. But the real challenge comes when you do this by eye.

You have to be very careful when assembling each piece so that your model keeps the spherical shape. So just remember to fit each piece perfectly to make sure you have that realistic look that you want to have in your 3-Dimensional Solar System puzzle.

A little bit about the Solar System

The Solar System is the name for the Sun and all the objects (planets, asteroids, moons, and so on) orbiting around it.

If you move starting from the Sun and wanted to reach the end of the Solar System, scientists estimate that you would have to go about 9 billion miles before reaching the edge.

The Solar System started when a giant and rotating cloud of gas and dust, the Solar Nebula, collapsed because of its gravity. The spinning was faster and faster until it took the shape of a flat disk, pulling most of the material toward the center.

This gave birth to the Sun (this is why it is so massive compared to the planets). The other material that was out of the Sun’s reach, collided and ended up as the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and all the celestial bodies you can see during the night sky. Curious students will find this amazing.

Here is a bit of what you can expect about these planet puzzles.

Also, check this comparison side by side of the photos of the planets in the Solar System and the puzzle model. You’ll see the detail is just amazing.

Mercury – The closest planet to the Sun.

Venus – They say women are from here.

Earth – Our one and only home so far.

Mars – The red planet.

Jupiter – The giant planet and Earth’s protector from asteroids (It’s impressive gravity pulls most asteroids its way). 

Saturn – The giant with rings (which are asteroids as well).

Uranus – The ice giant with rings.

Neptune – The distant and dark planet with 14 moons.

What is inside the box? – The 3D puzzle Solar System parts

This is a fair question given that we are talking about a 3D puzzle.

3D solarsystem

Inside the box you’ll find the whole set to assemble:

  • 8 different planet puzzles
  • A kit to assemble the Sun
  • Instructions manual
  • Outer space mat
  • 8 stands for displaying the planet puzzles.
  • Nylon cord for hanging the planets
  • Saturn and Uranus rings
  • 522 high quality puzzles pieces 

Besides the contents of the box, I thought you would like to know the number of pieces for each planet.

Here they are.

PuzzleNumber of pieces

They give a total of 522 high quality and curved plastic pieces, with numbers on the inside to facilitate the building of the models.

Is it safe for kids?

Another very important question that needs to be answered clearly.

None of the materials used for manufacturing this puzzle is toxic or hazardous for children. Yet some of the puzzle pieces are small and that is why an adult should always be present with children assembling this.

The manufacturer recommends this 3D Solar System for kids 7 years and older. And as stated before, these puzzles do not require neither glue nor other chemicals to slot the pieces together.

Be careful as well when handling the nylon cord, since it is very thin.   

Other than this, we are talking about a Solar System kit with vibrant colors and very fun and educative to assemble.

Any downsides?

This product is a big time favorite for lots of people, yet everything has a negative side that any healthy review needs to talk about.

Very few people are saying they got their 3D Solar System kit with a missing planet, and that Ravensburger may be unresponsive to their claims.

While this is not desirable, I’ve never had an experience of bad customer service when ordering through Amazon. They allow you to return items and give you plenty of time to do this. 

Also, I’ve found that if you contact some sellers directly, you may not get a response because some companies track their sales separately when done via Amazon, so I always find it best to use the same channel for both purchasing and returning items if I need to.

How to get it?

Like I said before, I think the best way to get this amazing Solar System puzzle right to your front door is to use Amazon.

Ravensburger Solar System 540 Piece - 9 Planet 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Set for Kids and Adults - 11668 - Easy Click Technology Means Pieces Fit Together Perfectly
  • [About This 3D Puzzle] Create a colorful out-of-this-world display or hanging mobile with our stellar “Solar System” 3D puzzle set!
  • [Premium Puzzling Experience] Enjoy relaxing "me" time or puzzling with others. Display and admire your creation, or disassemble and build again!

Not only do they offer the best prices, but you can see all the specs, reviews, questions and comments, from thousands of customers, all in one place.

Shipping is free in most cases, and you can always get more amazing items from Ravensburger store to have an amazing collection of these awesome puzzles.

If you are looking for that special gift or simply want to help your kid learn about the Solar System in a fun and entertaining way, then the 3D Solar System puzzle by Ravensburger is for you.

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