Physics is the coolest science of them all. If you want your kid to get familiar with science in an engaging way, you are on the right page.  

Physics studies the Universe and the behaviour of everything in it, and even the possibilities of that which is not proven to be real yet.

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All the theories of the universe, multiverse, and all those cool gadgets you see in movies, will be possible someday thanks to Physics.

Other sciences will have their part too, but Physics is what combines everything and gives practical use to math and equations.

What are the best kits to learn Physics?

Why Physics?

We as Humans want to understand how life works. Why does the world function the way it does? And how can we make more out of what already is?

Albert Einstein and Relativity for kids

At the same time, Physics is easily relatable with toys and other gadgets. In fact, the cooler the toys are the more Physics they involve.

Also, Physics is what gives context and makes sense of mathematics. We all have heard that Math is a universal language, but 2 + 2 doesn’t make sense until you relate it with something real.

I’m paraphrasing here, but once I heard that the more we try to explain the real world through Math, the less we are talking about the real world. It is a fantastic brain exercise.

For instance, we can say the probability of having a car accident increases with the time we spend behind the steering wheel. 

A possible solution could be to hard-hit the gas pedal to speed up the car, and thus reach our destination faster, in less time, decreasing the amount of time we spend behind the wheel.

This is purely mathematical reasoning, but we all know that doing that could actually increase the probability of having a car accident.

The reason “we all know” is because we have Physics embedded in our brains. We immediately imagine buildings, stop signs, pedestrians, and other cars, and put these into the full context of a car moving as fast as possible.

That is when we realize that in fact, this thinking makes no sense at all. And this is thanks to Physics.

Should my kids learn Physics?

Definitely yes.

Isaac Newton and Physics for kids

Kids will learn Physics regardless of anything. This is because their brains are engineered to perceive the world and interact with it.

Most sports, for instance, require kids to do mental calculations and approximations to perceive the movement of other players, balls, and even possible threats.

This way, Physics is everywhere, and whether you want it or not, your kid will learn about it. I just say it is a good idea to teach your kid the names of the concepts and how the things he or she sees work.

And why is this important?

Do you think Tom Brady ignores the physics of the football and how to take advantage of these properties to make more precise passes?

Do you imagine football is thrown the way it is by chance? All these things have been studied by professionals to optimize the use of every feature of the ball, and the body, to get the best results.

While professional athletes may not be Physics experts, they do know the basics to improve their technique and avoid getting injured. 

Is there a good age to start learning Physics for kids?

Physics workshop

Based on the previous section, you may be able to guess this, but if not, then let me be completely clear.

Your kid will start learning Physics from the moment he or she interacts with the world. 

Yet this is not the meaning of this question.

This inquiry has to do more with math and equations, numbers and measurements. 

Do you think it would be good to give your kid a bunch of equations and Physics concepts to learn?

Not really.

In fact, think about it. Physics and humans get in touch first by effects and phenomena, and then in mathematical and conceptual form.

So if this is the way it happens in nature, then your kid should experience it in the same way. And that is why this site is called Toys and Physics.

Can toys really help my kid learn Physics?

Physics laws kits

If you check the sections of this site, you’ll find plenty of examples of learning tools disguised as toys. These toys help kids experience and understand science in fun and entertaining ways.

At the same time, the toy helps simplify complex scientific concepts and illustrate these with interesting experiments that complete the virtuous circle of learning.

Toys are the perfect learning tools your children can use to understand Physics and other science topics.

In fact, coding is one of the most demanded skills in the world, and your kid can learn this using simple and plain toyish kits that cost less than 100 USD.

While these kits are not necessarily about Physics, they do deal with gears and shafts, and other elements that when connected, will use Physics to deal with the real world.

This is why Physics will never go outdated. The world is a physical place and we need to interact with it to live. 

What types of toys are there to learn Physics?

Astrophysics for yourg people in a hurry

The list grows bigger everyday. There are all kinds of gadgets you can use to learn or teach your kid Physics. 

It can be puzzles, desk toys, science kits, magnets, robotics sets, marble runs, and many more. These are the main types of toys that will get your kid started, but once he or she does it, it will be very hard to stop.

What happens in most cases is that kids discover something else that gets their attention, but it all started with one of these gadgets.

I think Physics is for everyone, but it has to be approached the right way or people, and especially kids, can get disappointed very quickly. 

This is why these types of toys are so useful to add to the learning experience and start the engine of curiosity in your kids.

Think about magnets for instance. One can definitely experience the effects of magnetism without any training or knowledge about the equations of magnetic field.

This is how these toys reduce the gap between science and young minds hungry for knowledge. At the same time, the journey of learning no longer seems intimidating, since we are talking about toys.

Should I get books about Physics for kids?

The story of Albert Einstein

This definitely helps, but it has to be done until the right moment.

If your kid does not show interest in one of these gadgets, then it doesn’t make sense to move to the next level.

Physics and science in general, is always around us. You can’t miss it if you pay attention. 

This is why a toy does make sense for science to be a bit more approachable and accessible. 

If you succeed with toys, then move forward with books and other materials. The more engaging and entertaining the better.

By the way, this site has some pretty cool pages to explain complex Physics concepts in simple and engaging ways.

You can find these pages in this section about Physics.

Last words about Physics

Like I said, Physics is everywhere. You can’t miss it if you pay attention.

This branch of science is the one that makes sense of all mathematical theories and gives birth as well to new ways of understanding the universe and the interaction of energy and matter. 

You and your kids can enjoy Physics in fun and entertaining ways if you just find the right tools to do so.

Toys and Physics combine well and you can use them as learning tools.