Magformers Challenger Set Educational Magnetic Tiles STEM Kit 2021

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Experts agree that magnet blocks help shape the mind of the young. And Magformers building blocks are a tough to beat choice. The Magformers 112 Challenger set is among the favorites of the public.  

You can find this Magformers kit on Amazon.

Magformers Challenger Set


Technical specifications of this Magformers Challeger construction kit

This set of magnetic building tiles is a top choice among the options available. Here are its technical specifications so you understand why it is considered a premium item.

  • ABS plastic material which conforms with CE, ASTM and EN71 regulations.
  • Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories.
  • 112 pieces in total 
  • 48 triangles
  • 46 squares
  • 4 hexagons
  • 12 pentagons
  • 2 wheels

XL Size Pieces included with this kit

Magneforms Sphere

When we talk about building blocks, we all know the bigger these are, the bigger the final model will be. In this case, these magnetic building blocks are the body of the final model.

These XL size pieces give your final construction a great look since they make it bigger. And the good news is they are compatible with other amazing sets of magnetic tiles building blocks.

Thus, once you start getting more of these kits, these XL pieces will serve to build bigger and more complex models. 

Right now, this is a Magformers basic set, but give it some time and you’ll be able to put together a large set.

Also, from the list above, you can see that all pieces come in 4 different shapes: triangles, squares, hexagons, and pentagons. 

This is important because it expands the models you can build, and adds healthy complexity to each model at the same time.

112 pieces to let your mind experiment with freedom

Magneforms Car

At first, you may think 112 pieces is not a big deal, and perhaps you may be comparing this with a 2D puzzle, yet this is not like that. 

You could also think this set is more like a LEGO kit, but again you’d be wrong.

This set is part of a huge collection of the best magnetic tiles building blocks that are compatible with each other and can be used to build bigger and more complex models than the ones suggested by the manufacturer.

But even if you only stay with this kit, 112 magnets have a lot to offer, and your mind will experience the freedom to create a lot more than what is seen at first sight.

Also, remember you have triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons to play with. This makes it possible to create a lot of shapes you may not imagine right now.

Something else I love about these magnetic building tiles is that click sound they always make when put together. 

You must know these magnets are made of Neodymium, which guarantees connectivity. 

Strong magnetic building tiles made with ABS plastic

Magformers Flower

Do you know what the number 1 problem these toy tiles have?

Easy, they tend to break with time because most of them are made of cheap plastic. You may be wondering about the price of these magnetic blocks game compared to others, and this is the main reason.

These tiles are built using ABS plastic.

There are a bunch of good things about ABS plastic compared to other plastics available.

First of all, it is super resistant but flexible at the same time. This makes it perfect to build toys since it can handle adverse weather and heavy use.

ABS plastic as well is BPA free, which is something that the public in general desires since BPA is harmful for human health, so it is a good thing to know your kids will be having fun in a safe way.

Another cool feature of ABS plastic is it can be recycled. This makes it an eco-friendly material which is something that big industries are looking for more and more these days.

At the same time, these tiles comply with the CE regulation to be sold in the European Union. 

The ASTM, which is an international standards organization to ensure materials are built using quality processes, as well certifies these tiles.

And if that is not enough, the EN71, which is an European standard to specify safety requirements for toys, is another medal in the wall of these building block tiles.

In general, it is a good thing to have tiles made of ABS plastic and now you know a bit better why, and also understand more the price point of these magnetic blocks toys.

Magformers vs Magnatiles

We are talking here about two top brands in the market. The differences between both are there, but I think both choices are good for anyone. Both brands use the basic idea of connecting a magnet with another to build a fantastic model.

Among the main differences we have:

  • Magformers use rare Earth magnets, which are metallic, while the other brand use ceramic magnets. There are pros and cons to each one, but for the purpose of putting together magnetic tiles, these are minimal.
  • Magformers use shapes with edges only, and Magntiles are full shapes with a body. See the image below for reference.

Their similarities are:

  • Price point is very similar. In some cases you’ll find Magformers kits that are a bit pricier, but the difference is not that much.
  • Performance is similar as well. Even when the type of magnets are different, like I said, it doesn’t make much of a difference in performance.
  • Both are super fun and I must say, addictive to buy.
  • Both are built using strong, durable, and safe for use materials.

The only thing is that Magformers are not compatible with Magnatiles, so you can’t mix them if that is what you were thinking to do. However, I would say these are a good Magformers alternative and vice versa.

Both of these are among the best options for magnetic blocks.

Visit the Magformers website for more information about the details of these magnetic building tiles toys.

What comes inside the box?

This is what you’ll find.

  • Idea booklet, which is a helpful step by step set of instructions to build models with your kit.
  • 100+ magformer magnetic building tiles
  • 48 triangles
  • 46 squares
  • 4 hexagons
  • 12 pentagons
  • 2 wheels

Remember these tiles are compatible with other magformers kits and accessories, and that some XL pieces are included as well.

This only means the fun will get bigger and bigger.

Are these magnetic tiles safe for my kids?

Kid playing with Magneform set

Yes they are.

Remember the materials these tiles are made of are super safe for your kids thanks to the ABS plastic used to create these building blocks.

Also, the EN71 is the European Toy Safety regulation that specifies safety requirements for toys. This set of magnetic tiles complies with it as well.

Also, the magnets are not exposed, since these are covered by the plastic of the shape. This is important for two reasons:

  • There is no risk your kid will swallow the magnets by accident.
  • Since the magnets are inside the plastic, they cannot be removed, which means your kids can’t try to put it into their nose or electric outlets.

Other magnetic tiles don’t protect the magnets with plastic and not only they stop working sooner, but also are less safe for kids.

Magformers pay special attention to this, so you can trust your kid will be safe when they play with these.

Again, this is another reason why these sets from Magformers magnetic blocks are a bit pricer when compared with other brands.

Any other Magformers kits for sale?

Yes. Magformers has many other sets to offer to the public. Remember this kit is compatible with other kits and this will help grow your collection, and of course, this only means more fun for everyone.

Some Magformers kits are for sale on clearance as well, so it all depends on how big you want the fun to grow.

Among the best magnetic blocks kits you’ll find:

Magformers 100 piece kit

Magformers 14 piece set

Magformers designer curve set

Magformers house

Magformers Ferris wheel

Magformers wow set

Magformers 62 set

Magformers 50 piece set

Magformers 48 piece set

And much more…

Look for these and other Magformers kits for sale. Here a few other options for you.

Any repetitive complaints from the public?

Not really.

This set has hundreds of customer reviews, and only a handful are 3 stars or less. This means the public loves this product, and there are very good reasons for that.

However, I think it is a good idea to be smart when buying things online. I personally like Amazon a lot, and that is because of their customer service support.

I have had very few issues when buying things from them, and when something happens, I know their customer support will be there for me.

If you shop this and other products online, I recommend you to do it through Amazon.

Last words about this Magformers kit

There is no doubt you can find a lot of magnetic tiles and building blocks out there, but Magformers are among the top of the line when speaking of quality and safety for your kids.

Also, these are made using strong and flexible materials for heavy use, and at the same time, the magnets used to build these are super strong to ensure connectivity.

In case you need replacement parts, Magformers also offers packages with these so the fun is never over.

Last but not least, these magnetic tiles can be used and reused for hours and hours of fun, and the more sets you get, the bigger your models can be.

Start having fun with these magnetic toys and let the imagination of your kid go wild with the models he or she can build.