SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

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The Shashibo shape shifting box is an award-winning fidget cube with 36 rare Earth magnets that can transform into over 70 shapes. This is a desk toy like no other.

Technical Specifications of the Shashibo fidget cube

  • Award-winning fidget box
  • Made of premium Injection-mold plastic
  • Features 36 rare Earth magnets
  • Durably constructed and tear proof surface
  • 6 cm by side
  • Rounded corners for safety

Award-winning Shashibo fidget box 

The magnetic shape shifting box

This fidget cube features 36 rare Earth magnets with an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. 

Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of mind-challenging fun, stimulating the senses with endless creative possibilities!

This shape shifting box is the perfect desk toy and will add a modern and fun touch to the theme of your office or workplace.

Finding the Shashibo cube solution is both fun and de-stressing, which makes it a perfect desk toy to have handy between meetings. At the end of the day you’ll feel less tired just because you were able to canalize that negative energy through a gadget like this.

The Shashibo has a unique design and is built to last 

A cube that breaks apart into triangle-like smaller shapes to give birth to other interesting shapes is something that deserves some attention.

If you add that this cube is made of premium injection mold plastic, and on top of it, add these cool looking designs of full colored patterns, the result is a unique piece of art.

The design of each side of the Shashibo is thought to cause a visual impact when the box is opened, and the edges meet. 

As previously mentioned, the injection mold plastic of premium quality makes the Shashibo shape shifter a very durable box, and a solid cool toy to have on your desk.

Why settle with one when you can have it all? – Connect all your Shashibo cubes

Collect and connect your Shashibo cubes

There are 9 cool designs with vibrant and mesmerizing patterns full of color. 

If you decide to get more than one Shashibo, not only you get a discount in price, but these can connect and create even more amazing shapes.

Thanks to the 36 rare Earth magnets each Shashibo cube has, these can connect with other Shashibo cubes. 

One Shashibo cube can take over 70 different shapes. Imagine what can be done with more than one.

Actually, there is a bundle of 4 Shashibo cubes with a discount you don’t want to miss.

This magnetic box magic cube is a challenge on its own, so I can’t wait to see what happens when you have 4 of them, or more! 

Sensory stimulation gift for all ages

Stimulate the mind and body

These desk toys have various purposes when built, but one of the most noble and interesting ones, is the sensory stimulation.

The Shashibo fidget cube does this wonderfully. 

When you have the cube in your hands, the thing itself asks you to start manipulating it. Also, with each new shape it takes, its visual patterns make it hard for the eye not to follow it.

While the Shashibo is transforming, each shape as well makes you want to see the next one, making it a wonderful tool to stimulate senses and spark curiosity for everyone.

Another great feature toys like the Shashibo have, is a certain level of satisfaction with each click that gives birth to a new shape. 

As you can imagine, there are certain challenges the instructions manual will suggest. That is you’ll have to transform the Shashibo into specific shapes, which will be very cool.

Yet you’ll have freedom to experiment and create your own shapes. Yet the positive effects of each click and each accomplished challenge will be there.

This is both entertaining and therapeutic, and that is why this Shashibo magic cube has been so well received by the public in general. 

Both young and old ones will have fun with this gadget, and the benefits you get seem incredible if you think this is just a desk toy.  

Why are desk toys good as therapeutic tools?

Master the shape shifter

Stress is a terrible thing. It is both insidious and furtive, meaning it hurts from the inside without being noticed.

This is the illness of the new century, of the new millenia. People suffer incredible amounts of stress every day, and sooner or later the effects become visible.

Whatever helps you to relax and relieve your stress levels is welcome. 

Working out and physical activity helps a lot. But also anything that can take your full attention and help you concentrate in achieving something.

If you can’t get out of the office to go to the gym for a while and come back, then a mental challenge is what you need.

That is where desk toys, such as the Shashibo cube play their role.

This cube will help you focus your thought on the movements needed to solve the puzzle, thus taking your attention away from the stress of life.

Once you have a more relaxed state of mind, you can come back to the day to day problems. You’ll find out that 90% of the time you get to a solution faster and in a more efficient way than if you stick to the problem and try to solve it with a troubled mind.  

Is the Shashibo safe for kids?

Yes it is. The Shashibo cube is one of the safest toys out there. It is big enough so that kids can’t swallow it accidentally, and does not use electricity.

Also, it has round edges and corners to avoid cuts or injuries. While it is a solid toy, built to last, it is not that heavy.

The Shashibo is definitely something you must have on your desk to show it to your friends and also to get the benefits of having a relaxation tool that is also entertaining.

What comes inside the box?

Shashibo Fidget cube
  • A Shashibo shape shifting cube that transforms into over 70 different shapes
  • The user’s Shashibo cube guide 
  • The box itself is great for storing it

Any downside that is worth mentioning?

As everything in life, the Shashibo has to have some things people don’t like.

At the moment of this writing, the Shashibo has over 9,500 reviews online, only at Amazon. From these, 80% are 5 solid starts, which is pretty impressive.

Yet, there is a 4% with 1 and 2 stars.

These comments, while not the majority, are still worth mentioning.

Some people have said they think the Shashibo is not worth the money it costs, since they think it is just stickers and plastic.

While the Shashibo may be that, I see an office decor toy, a stress relief tool, and a challenging and entertaining puzzle.

It of course may become boring once you master all the challenges and shapes this toy has to offer, in which case it turns into a great and shifting piece of decoration for your office.

Visit the Shashibo cube website for more information.

Last words about the Shashibo fidget cube

During this review I think everything that had to be said was mentioned. The Shashibo has great feedback from customers and people in general love it.

I have found this to be a great tool to forget about stress for a while and have fun at the same time. 

My 2-year old daughter finds it amusing and loves to see the shapes it takes and how the patterns evolve with every move.

Whenever I left her alone with the thing, she is all into moving the parts and creating new forms. I have to confess I’m a little afraid she can tear apart the cube, but so far it has been OK to let her play with it.

I think that while simple in nature, this Shashibo cube definitely earns its place among the best toys for desks I have seen. No wonder why it is an award-winning gadget.