Physics toys as educational tools for your kids

If you want to find some cool physics toys that will help you or your kids have fun and learn at the same time, you are on the right place.

If you are looking for that special gift to spark the interest of your kid in science, this site is for you.

Education experts and experience say that toys and learning go along very well. Thus, I invite you to explore this site in detail and enjoy what is here for you.

Since the very first moment someone was a bit interested in studying nature, Physics was born as a science.

Also, much of the study of Physics is done using tools, which in many cases are fun to experiment with.

This is when one of the best couples of all times was born: Toys and Physics.

The truth is you can’t study Physics without having some fun. 

Think about it

The study of Physics involves magnets, moving particles to represent vehicles, electricity and all its cool applications, desk toys, and much more.

This is why this site was born, and if you want to find some cool physics toys that will help you or your kids have fun and learn at the same time, you are on the right place.

Why Physics?

A lot of people asked this question. If you are going to talk about toys, why not talk only about toys and let aside the physics.

I’m a nerd at my core, so I couldn’t help it.

Also, I think everybody enjoys a cool toy that also teaches something. And when talking about more advanced gadgets, such as RC cars or drones, it is both interesting and useful to know the principles governing the inner workings of this amazing technology.

That is why Physics has to be part of the game.

The second part of the answer is that as much as I enjoy having fun with science kits, it is way more fulfilling to share this love with others and help them learn interesting things along the way.

And while some people may think Physics is hard or complex, just the opposite is true.

For instance, all Einstein’s theories were born from observation and using imagination, and these theories continue to be proven until our days.

If you ask me, kids do much of these two things: observe and imagine.

Thus, it is important to encourage young minds to use that which they imagine to contribute to science. And a very good way to do this is by using the educational toys this site features.

All these toys are perfect gifts for kids because they will help stimulate their minds and develop critical thinking skills, as well as other important abilities to succeed in life.

Physics vs Math – Which one is better?

Physics as well is interesting because it makes sense of Math.

Personally, I love Math (I told you I’m a nerd), but as an engineer, I have a need to see the practical side of things, and Math not always does that.

But Physics relates numbers and equations to reality and thus describes nature and how it works.

If you ask me, the real benefit of science is only when you are able to experience it. It doesn’t matter if you have a great idea or a fantastic theory, if you can’t prove it or experiment with it, it is almost useless.

We are all here for the experience, and that is why Physics is such a cool science.

It also provides a solid foundation for all other sciences, as even modern disciplines such as robotics, use Physics to ensure robots function properly.

Whatever branch of science you can think of, Physics is there and adds something to it. 

What are the best Physics Toys?

When we talk about physics toys, we are talking about a vast variety of toys that are both to educate and have fun while learning.

I’ll talk about in detail about some of these types of toys, and if you are looking for something different or special to give as a gift, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting here.

But before moving into the classifications of physics toys, I want to share with you a bit more about the features that make these gadgets awesome pieces of technology.

First of all, in many cases these toys are tools and also instruments that can help measure other things.

For instance, I have a scientific set with different weights and a fixture to compare these weights, and thus, I can use this set to also measure the weight of other things such as apples or other small objects.

Thus, when you get one of these Physics sets, you get something with dual functionality. The same is true for magnets, electronics kits, and any other science set you can name.

Eventually, the components of  these sets will serve to repair something, or make a cool addition to your science project for school.   

Another interesting part of owning physics or science toys, is that once you are done having fun with them, these are fantastic pieces of decoration for any room or shelf.

These are great conversation starters and grab people’s attention very fast. Usually, people can’t help staring at these and wonder how they work.

The coolest part of it is to show how they work and explain the principles behind them. This usually makes the experience a lot more rich, as people learn something along the way.

If you ask me, this is the best type of art. The one you can display and is functional at the same time.

Why are these physics gadgets so special?

Besides being tools and instruments, spare parts for future projects, and great decor pieces for any room, there is an additional benefit of these physics toys that is the biggest of them all.

They are wonderful learning tools.

The simplest and more relatable example is a puzzle.

While a puzzle is not full of information about Physics or other sciences, it does teach something while using it.

Patience for instance, is something very difficult to learn, and puzzles are great tools to learn and exercise your patience muscles.

At the same time, puzzles are great to learn to think strategically, since there are various ways to complete a puzzle.

Other gadgets will help you or your kid learn about Physics and all the branches of this wonderful science.

Yet, the education your kid can get with these sets is not just about facts or information, but also about skills required to move through life, like patience. 

This site features some very cool Physics toys, and you’ll find those by exploring the different pages and the details each section has.

In some cases you’ll be able to find some DIY Physics toys, which double the fun since you have to assemble these first and then play with them.

Will only children have fun with these science gadgets? – Physics Toys for adults

Nope, not only kids can have fun with these Physics gadgets. There are also Physics toys for adults and these are much more interesting.

The main difference between physics toys for kids and for adults, is the complexity to assemble them and also the level of attention they need at use.

For instance, nitro RC cars use some type of fuel to operate. This fuel is flammable and thus, needs to be handled with care.

I consider these RC cars a physics toy because of all the things you have to learn to use it, but more than anything, to maintain it.

When you open these cars or trucks, you find complex systems that help the car go faster, bounce, absorb impacts, and of course, use the fuel to start its mini engine.

It is remarkable how these little cars work and all the maintenance they require to operate properly.

And that is why these are considered physics toys for adults.

You’ll find some pretty cool Tesla coils that are amazing to watch. These are harmless, but since we are talking about electricity, an adult has to be present all time.

And just by how they are built, I’d say these are more for adults and not kids.

As you can imagine, these are perfect gifts for anyone. Often we struggle to find a gift that is fun, cool, original, different, and educative.

These Physics sets and gadgets fit that definition perfectly, and if this was not enough, you’ll find that in most cases, these are pretty affordable too.

In my mind, there is no doubt that you can do much more for an adult if you give him or her one of these Physics gifts, instead of another tie or another pair of shoes.

Given the price of these gadgets, you might as well add a Gyroscope or any other cool gadget to your gift box.

Educative toys

I guess this category can include all the toys in this site.

While not all educational toys have to do with Physics, I find the ones that are about science interesting and teach important concepts in fun ways.

Pretty much all the toys and gadgets I feature on this site have this in common.

I guess the one thing that makes this site different is that all the toys here are hand picked and reviewed with care, before featuring them here.

Also, there are different categories I have defined on this site to better classify these and help you make a better choice in case you want one.

I’ll let you explore the site and learn more about the different types of educative toys here.  

Physics Desk Toys

Another type of gadgets that I love are those that go over a desk. The never boring and always eye-catching attention desk toys.

A desk toy can be anything. I have a set of pens that look like golf clubs. It is a pretty cool set and really makes my desk look cool. 

Yet, if you ask me, I prefer my four-cycle engine model, which is something I assembled this year and is pretty fun to watch.

What I’m trying to say here is that yes, a desk toy can be anything, but I think if you can have a Physics desk toy, that is even better.

Usually, these are simple gadgets that make your desk look better and at the same time they provide that moment of relaxation you need during the day, when the stress gets a bit high.

I honestly think that every office should have some physics desk accessories to give it that touch of coolness, as these tend to be amazing conversation starters.

Also, offices sometimes are the scenario of tough conversations, and these awesome office desk toys are perfect to help lower the tension when things don’t go the way you expect.  

People love to play with these interesting puzzles and have fun with them while having meetings. 

I’ve seen these gadgets help people have more fluent conversations with others, because their mind is stimulated and thus the ideas flow better. 

What are the best desk toys?

Best desk toys for work

While all Physics toys are great for offices, some are better than others specifically for your desk.

For instance, the size of your desk will play a huge part in selecting the best toy for your desk.

For the average desk size, I would say you want something that is both small and simple. The four-cycle engine I mentioned before, would be too big for the average desk.

In my case, I have a long desk with space that begs to be filled. And that is why having big items makes sense to me.

In your case, think about the size of gadgets that could go on your desk. 

Also, think about functionality.

Do you want something that is just stationary and looks cool? Or something that is a bit more functional and adds to the conversation?

For instance, my 4-cycle engine looks pretty cool, but turning it on may disrupt the purpose of a meeting or a conversation.

On the other hand, a Shashibo fidget cube is more easy to interact with and is less disruptive for an audience. Also, if you get several Shashibo cubes you can create amazing designs when you connect them.

Shashibo Fidget Cube

At the same time, it stimulates the mind and ideas flow with less effort. 

I have to say that no way is better than the other. And that is why you want to think about the type of audience you’ll have in your office, or the type of meeting you’ll host, so you can have the right gadget at hand.

All of them without a doubt are cool desk toys.

The purpose of these is to have something to have a little fun at the office to increase productivity and be more efficient.

If you are relaxed, you’ll learn that everything is easier as things look simpler from a low or none stress standpoint, than when you are fully loaded and act from a high stress profile.

Magnetic desk toys

My last lines on this topic will be for magnetic desk toys.

These have a special place among all Physics toys. Isn’t that true for everything that has magnets?

Magnets are wonderful because they enable so much in our daily lives. And chances are that as kids, all of us had fun playing with magnets.

This is why having something at the office that deals with magnets is like having a true science gadget for the desk.  

If you ask me, there are a bunch of options to choose from magnetic desk toys, but one that really stands out and is one of my personal favorites is a levitating desk gadget.

These come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, and use electromagnets to work.

Here is one of my favorites, but like I said, you can choose from a variety of models and get the one you like the most.

Magnetic desk toy

I just think it is amazing how it looks and the type of atmosphere it gives to any room or office you can think of.

This is a good example of something that is both functional and looks great at the same time, yet, it is not something you can grab and manipulate.

Levitrons are true and unique desktop Physics toys.

Another cool application of magnets in toys are the magnetic building tiles, like this Magformers construction set.

These essentially are building blocks that snap together using high quality magnets, to give birth to fantastic structures or models, and the building process is both addictive and entertaining. Pretty cool if you ask me.

These magnetic building blocks are more for kids than to have the in the office, but still are great magnetic toys.

Robotics toys

The robotics sets are kits that you first mechanically assemble, then connect electronically, and finally, add some code to it so that they work in a certain way.

ClicBot robot is one of the most amazing robotics kits available. You can develop pretty advanced coding and robotics skills with a set like this.

This is a high tech gadget that is simple to use for both kids and adults. ClicBot price is not low, yet every penny you pay for it is worth the investment.

ClicBot Maker Kit
ClicBot Maker-Kit

If you think about the LEGO sets, these were just assembled and once finished, they worked as purely decorative toys.

The fun with these is in the process of assembly.

But these robotics sets can do much more than just add a cool vibe to your kid’s room. In fact, everytime is a new challenge because they can be programmed.

There is a huge advantage in learning to code as a kid. 

The real challenge with coding, is not in the code itself, but in what is called: the solution algorithm.

A solution algorithm is just a set of instructions that when followed, produce the expected outcome.

While the word “algorithm” may sound a bit intimidating, it is just a fancy way to name a set of instructions.

You may not perceive it like that, but it is a real challenge to define a set of instructions, or an algorithm, for a machine to do something.

The thing is that machines don’t think, and thus follow instructions literally.

So just start to think a bit on this and you’ll see it is a great exercise for the mind to define these algorithms.

For instance, a simple task like preparing a cup of coffee, will involve things such as adding sugar and milk, but these have to go after you pour coffee into a cup.

A machine does not know the logic or nature of coffee, and how its flavor can be different if the ingredients go in the wrong order.

Thus, if you are not careful with the order of instructions, it may add the sugar or milk at the wrong time and thus, the result will not be the desired.

The thing with algorithms is that you have to be very specific when developing them, and that is where the fun and the beauty of coding is found.

Once the algorithm is complete, then you can translate this into any programming language you want.

But like I said, everything starts with the algorithm, and that is why these robotic kits are so interesting and among my favorites in this whole site. 

In case you are interested in one of these full size robotic kits, check this review of the Meccano Meccanoid XL 2.0 Erector Set Robot. This robot interacts with your kids and tells jokes, among other interesting things it does.

But don’t think you’ll just get this 4 ft tall robot and start have fun with it out of the box. It requires assembly and connections. If you ask me, here is where the really fun part is.

One of the most useful applications of robotics in today’s day to day life, are robot vacuum machines. These little gadgets have evolved in the last few years and today you can have one at home to help you clean your house while you live your life.

There are other great applications for robotics, but this is one that people like me enjoy a lot because, let’s be honest, nobody really enjoys doing house cleaning, so having robots doing it is just fantastic.

Marble Runs

A very fun gadget to spend hours and hours of puzzling entertainment on are marble runs. These are essentially tracks where one or more marbles run.

The fun side of these is both the assembly of the track and watching the marbles run. Some of the most advanced and sophisticated kits allow you to have marbles racing.

And when I say advanced, I’m not talking about complex or hard to assemble tracks. In fact, my favorite kit is the Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set.

Gravitrax marble run

I’ll do a separate review of this to explain in more detail its features, but the one thing that makes this set stand apart from the rest, is that it is scalable to very big sizes.

But also, this set in its simplest version is very fun to play with.

Now, there are other fantastic options for marble runs such as the ones from Rokr.

Rokr is a brand of wooden toys that have gained fame because of their great models, and some of the best marble runs you can find are from Rokr.

I have a full page dedicated to the four models or marble run sets from Rokr here.

Marble Climber

But marble runs are much more than tracks and marbles running all over the place.

One of the main features of these is they produce a mesmerizing effect on people, so it is very hard not to stare at them and enjoy the movement of each piece.

This is great for relaxation. 

Also, when you assemble these sets, you have a puzzle in front of you, but the moment you finish it, the whole piece is now a great decoration asset for any room.

Also, when you have a marble run like that Gravitrax, with different ways to put the set together, the kit also helps your kid to learn to think strategically, based on the path he or she wants the marble to follow.


This is the most common type of learning toy there is and you may be familiar with it. Puzzles are not only 2D these days, and you can find very riddling 3D puzzles to spend hours of healthy entertainment.

I decided to include puzzles on this site because they are some pretty educational toys. And remember that education is not just learning data and storing information in your mind.

Education is also training the mind to know how to think, to critically and strategically think.

Also, puzzles help your kid learn about patience, which is essential these days to deal with frustration. 

Frustration is a dangerous thing in modern times, and people all over the globe suffer its effects and deal with them with drugs and therapy.

There are many ways to avoid and prevent this, and puzzles are great tools to accomplish this. These have minimum requirements and are pretty intuitive and straightforward to use.

Just like other physics toys on this site, puzzles are great decor pieces when finished and give that look cool to any room.

Imagine how cool it is to see a famous painting framed on a wall. Now imagine the same painting but this time, when you get close, you realize this is a puzzle.

That gives a different twist to the scene, and people not just admire the painting and its beauty, but also the effort behind placing each piece to assemble the whole puzzle.

Puzzles are extremely cheap compared to what you get. This site will also dive deep into the world of puzzles and you’ll find some great recommendations here.

Physics kits for adults

Physics is a fun science and not only kids can enjoy these kits. Adults as well can have fun with other physics sets that are more complex but its functionality is also expanded.

I already mentioned my 4-cycle engine model. While this is a bit toyish, because of how it is made, there are other engine models that really give you the experience of dealing with something more realistic.

This is the case of the HMANE V8 engine model. Again, I’ll do a full review of it, but for now I want you to know this model has more than 500 metallic pieces and works with batteries.

That is right, after assembling this model, you can put it to work and see how each piece moves.

V8 Engine model

It is a unique set for adults that you can’t miss.

There are other models and kits adults can enjoy, like the whole variety Arduino offers. These are essentially electronic boards that you code to behave the way you want.

It is perfect for school science projects, or to simply have fun assembling and coding amazing things.

There are other models which are simpler and work with a type of fuel. While kids could assemble these since they are not that complex, the fact they use fuel makes them perfect for adults.

These models could also be great desk toys, but since these eventually require fire to operate, I’m not sure they are allowed to operate in your company’s office.

Electricity power generator

Yet these are pretty cool physics toys for adults that display some of the principles that govern the motion of mechanisms and machines.

Science Gifts

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person that is always looking for a cool gift for the people I care about. 

Usually, I find what I’m looking for because I have learned to explore the possibilities. These possibilities involve these science gifts.

While I’m very inclined toward Physics toys, I admit there are other kits and sets about other sciences that are great learning tools as well.

What I want to say here, is that you can find fantastic science kits for kids or adults and give these as gifts.

They are pretty original and people love them when they get them. Also, they are educational and in most cases, super affordable.

Another cool thing about science gifts, is that people don’t expect these and it is always good to see their face when they realize they got a science gift for their desk or to have fun and spend time with their loved ones.

If you ask me, that is the true gift. Perhaps people will form priceless memories with their loved ones with these science sets. 

Anyway, if you are looking for something different and original, try giving a science gift and see how it goes. I think you’ll be gladly surprised.

Science Kits

The last section on this page is dedicated to science kits. Just like the science gifts, there are science kits about anything you can imagine.

Every science can be approached using a toyish (or not so toyish) set that will give you hours and hours of healthy entertainment.

I have a full page dedicated to these kits here, and I think you’ll be glad to explore it and find what is in there.

I’ll continue to write and review about these sets so other people find more interesting kits here.

For now, I want to give you some recommendations of the best science kits for kids and adults you can find online.

Remember that more than toys, these are educational tools people can use to learn and have fun at the same time.

Last words about Physics toys and Toys & Physics

This site has been created to bring to the public a bit more awareness of the fantastic world of toys that also work as educational tools.

I chose primarily physics toys because these offer a lot of demonstrations and don’t leave much to imagination.

In fact, right after you see a gyroscope in action, and how it seems to defy the law of gravity, imagination kicks in and it triggers the creative process.

Also, contrary to what most people think, science and specifically Physics is not hard. Physics is more about observation and imagination, and again, these sets and kits that I have presented are perfect for this.

I think this site as well can contribute to the education of the young and not so young. I have a full section dedicated to explaining interesting Physics concepts, using animations and entertaining media.

Hopefully you’ll find this site useful and interesting. I hope you do.

If you have any feedback or comment, please let me know through the contact page.

Happy playing!


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